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Mountain Forest Ecology: Practical Training

Spring semester 2014


Christof J. Bigler, Peter Bebi


The field course offers an introduction to the field of mountain forest ecology and management of mountain forests. The students learn in a group to carry out a project based on a self-defined research question.


The field course takes place from 16 June 2014 (Monday) to 21 June 2014 (Saturday).

In addition to the students from ETH Zurich there will be students of the University Freiburg (Germany) as well as of the AgroParisTech in Nancy (France). From each of the three institutions, a maximum of 7 students may be accepted ("first come first serve"), free places will be filled up with students from the other institutions. The application is binding.

The course will be given in English and takes place on the Clavadeleralp in Davos Sertig (Switzerland).