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11.05.2015: Trees use water more efficiently
Trees use water more efficiently

The increase in atmospheric CO2 concentration has allowed trees across Europe to use their available water resources more efficiently.

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05.05.2015: Learning the hard way: lessons from Vivian (1990) and Lothar (1999)
Lessons from Vivian (1990) and Lothar (1999)

The windstorms Vivian (1990) and Lothar (1999) felled millions of trees in Switzerland. Trees are now growing at all windthrow sites. At higher elevations, however, the young forests often contain too many gaps to provide sufficient protection from natural hazards.

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24.04.2015: WSL ecologist wins British Ecological Society prize
Robert May Prize 2014

WSL ecologist wins British Ecological Society prize.

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21.04.2015: Klingende WSL-Daten
Klingende WSL-Daten

Am Freitag, 1. Mai 2015, präsentieren Schulkinder in Leuk (VS) ihre Beobachtungen zum Wasserkreislauf der Bäume in Form von Musik, die auf wissenschaftlichen Daten beruht. Es ist der Abschluss einer Projektwoche mit der Künstlerin Christina dalla Giustina und Umweltforschenden der WSL.

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20.04.2015: SLF-News: Winter review 2014/2015
Winter review 2014/2015

The defining characteristic of winter 2014/2015 was the exceptionally below average snow depth in the early months. From the start of the new year, therefore, the snowpack was poorly bonded and contained critical weaknesses in the old layers. Throughout the entire winter, the snow cover across Switzerland below an altitude of 2000 m was shallower than the long-term average. At 32, the number of avalanche victims was above average.

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16.04.2015: A video cookbook for tree-ring research
Cookbook tree-ring research

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL) has broken new ground in knowledge transfer by publishing the first scientific video article on tree-ring research in the Journal of Visualized Experiments (JoVE). Its aim is to make the latest knowledge available to all.

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13.04.2015: Studie zu Stadtgrün in Bellinzona

Wie wichtig ist der Einbezug der Bevölkerung für eine nachhaltige Stadtplanung? Studie am Beispiel von Bellinzona.

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08.04.2015: RAMMS::Rockfall Workshop

The workshop on 17 April marks the official release of the innovative rockfall simulation software RAMMS::ROCKFALL. As of this date the software is purchasable for rockfall professionals.

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01.04.2015: Neu auf
Neu auf

Buchenlaub für Monitoring einer Kehrichtverbrennungsanlage

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30.03.2015: Junge Landschaftsforschung an der WSL
Junge Landschaftsforschung

Am 26. März 2015 fand an der WSL die Tagung «Junge Landschaftsforschung» des Zentrums Landschaft WSL statt. Sie bot jungen und erfahrenen Landschaftsforschenden Raum für den gegenseitigen Austausch.

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