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The object

In every edition of WSL's magazine DIAGONAL we present an instrument, a tool, a machine - in short an object. Apart from the presentation in the magazine, there is always a video clip of the object.

June 2017: The SnowMicroPen

The SnowMicroPen (SMP) is an electronic probe developed by the SLF. It measures the hardness of individual snow layers with extreme accuracy. It delivers high-resolution data about the type of snow, its density, properties of weak layers and layer interfaces.

Issue No. 1/17 of the magazine DIAGONAL:

November 2016: The seed kilning barrel

WSL harvests and kilns forest seed material, and operates the national seed agency, which offers seed material to forestry enterprises and tree nurseries. In a refrigerated storage room, WSL stores up to 60-year-old Norway spurce seeds from a variety of origins, as well as seed material from a further 50 tree species and shrubs.

Issue No. 2/16 of the magazine DIAGONAL:

June 2016: The Shear Apparatus

Before a slab avalanche occurs, small cracks and friction between the snow grains generate noise. The shear apparatus allows researchers in the lab to investigate the fracture process and the acoustic signals.

Issue No. 1/16 of the magazine DIAGONAL:

November 2015: The Lab-Microtome

The lab-microtome is a proprietary development of the WSL in collaboration with the youth centre Schenkung Dapples. It helps to prepare thin section slides for microscopic analysis of wood samples. Holger Gärtner demonstrates its use.

Issue No. 2/15 of the magazine DIAGONAL:

(Please note: Previous videos of "The object" series are available in German and French)