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The SwissForestLab Inauguration Symposium will take place on 05.09.2017 at the Eidgenössische Forschungsanstalt WSL in Birmensdorf.

Please visit the event webpage or register directly here

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SwissForestLab - The Network promoting excellent forest ecosystem research in Switzerland and abroad

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Forest ecosystems and their indispensable services to humanity are increasingly impacted by the extensive and fast global changes in society and environment. Considering the future challenges, climate change, the loss of biodiversity and invasive biota are amongst the most pressing environmental factors. They all have the potential to fundamentally alter our forest ecosystems with respect to biogeochemical cycles, carbon sequestration potential, the demography of the forests and their susceptibility to pests and diseases, forest biodiversity and other fundamental services such as wood production and protection against natural hazards. Sustainable use of forest resources needs to take these challenges into account in order to maintain forest functioning and to support the forest’s adaptation, acclimation and resilience potential.

The upcoming SwissForestLab will be established as a worldwide unique research platform and infrastructural network to assess the various effects of a dynamically changing environment on forests and trees as well as on ecosystem functioning and services worldwide. The idea of the SwissForestLab is

  1. to bring together outstanding scientists with an excellent expertise in the field   of forest research in Switzerland
  2. to bridge and link disciplines and institutions,
  3. to foster a joint use of established and new infrastructure and approaches.

The SwissForestLab will act as a one-stop-agency and promote synergies that will provide new insights and close knowledge gaps in forest ecosystem research. In addition, a better visibility of the existing expertise and infrastructure will be ensured as well as the establishment of innovative and interdisciplinary experiments and projects. Members of the SwissForestLab are scientists working in Switzerland. They and their junior researchers benefit from the network, the support of the SwissForestLab coordination team (search for partners, funding, infrastructure, approaches), the events offered (Workshops, working modules, Summerschools, lectures etc.) and international collaborations.