Forest ecology

The ecology of Ailanthus altissima will be assessed via tree-ring analyses, field experiments, forest inventories and existing literature in both southern Switzerland and China.

Coring Ailanthus altissima
Coring Ailanthus altissima for
tree-ring analyses (© Simon Knüsel)
Point dendrometer
Point dendrometer measuring
growth in high-resolution (© Simon Knüsel)

The goal of this work package is to collect forest ecological data on Ailanthus altissima via tree-ring analyses, field experiments and existing literature. Data will be collected in both southern Switzerland, where Ailanthus altissima is invasive, and in China, the native region of the tree. Current explorative research in southern Switzerland will be expanded from individual trees to the stand scale. We will assess parameters critical for succession modelling, such as juvenile height growth, longevity or seed dispersal in both China and Switzerland.

Real-time data

At the moment we are measuring radial growth of Ailanthus altissima and Castanea sativa in high-resolution at two flagship-sites.