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Dr. Ana Beatriz Pierri Daunt




Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HL E 27


I am interested in understanding the role of the public policies (and institutions) to foster land use and socioeconomic changes.

  1. Explaining the drivers and process of land changes of change: I am interested in explaining the process of land changes, to quantify these changes using modern remote sensing methods, and to combine historical, political and socioeconomic data to understand the actors and drivers responsible for these changes.
  2. Analysis of urban growth and sprawl: Socioeconomic characterization of urbanized areas
  3. Evaluation of spatial policies outcomes: The role of land use policies/planning tools to foster land change and socioeconomic transformations: 


Journal Publications

Pierri-Daunt, A.B: Silva, T.S.F.; Bürgi, M.; Hersperger, A. M. 2021. Urban expansion and forest reserves: drivers of change and persistence on the coast of São Paulo State (Brazil). Land Use Policy. V.101.

Hersperger, A.M., Grădinaru, S.R., Pierri Daunt, A.B. et al, 2021. Landscape ecological concepts in planning: review of recent developments. Landscape Ecology.

Pierri-Daunt, A.B: Inostroza, L ; Hersperger, A. M.  2021. The role of spatial planning in land change: an assessment of urban planning and nature conservation efficiency. Land Use Policy, under review

Pierri-Daunt, A.B: Silva, T.S.F. 2019. Beyond the park and city dichotomy: Land use and land cover change in the northern coast of São Paulo (Brazil). Landscape and Urban Planning 189:352-361.

Silveira, Y; Pierri-Daunt, A.B.; Franzin, A; Vieira, P; Victor, R; Guimaraes, S. Percepção, interpretação e valoração da paisagem ambiental da Serra do Mar, São Luiz do Paraitinga e Ubatuba. Estudos Geográficos, v. 15, p. 178-196. 2017 (ISSN 1678—698X)

Pierri-Daunt, A.B.; Tanaka, M.O. 2014. Assessing habitat fragmentation on marine epifaunal macroinvertebrate communities: an experimental approach. Landscape Ecology 29:17-28.

Book Chapter

Milanelli, J.C.C., Pierri-Daunt, A.B. 2013. Rocky shore ecology and sensibility about oil spill impacts. In: Atlas of costal ecosystems environmental sensibility about oil spill influences at São Paulo State, Brazil. Unesp Publisher.

Conference Proceedings

Pierri-Daunt, Ana Beatriz: Silva, T.S.F., Bürgi, M. Hersperger, A. The role of land-use and environmental policies in a landscape of forest persistence and tourism-induced urban growth. July 2019, Milano, Proceedings of the10th IALE World Conference.

Pierri-Daunt, Ana Beatriz; Gumaraes, S. T. L.; Silva, T. S. F. Urbanization and land use/land cover change following the construction of the BR101 highway in the northern coast of São Paulo, Brazil. In: First IUFRO Landscape Ecology Latin American and Second IALE Latin American Congress, 2016, Temuco.

Pierri-Daunt, A.B.; Tanaka, M.O. 2013. Experimental evaluation of habitat fragmentation on marine epifaunal macroinvertebrate communities (SE Brazil). Proceedings of the IALE 2013 European Congress, Manchester, UK.