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Kerstin Niedermaier





Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi MG C 49


Research Interests:

My interests range widely from large-scale forest structures and their impacts on forest function to smaller-scale vegetation evolution and ecology. As an intern at WSL, I am working with Dr. Luca Pegoraro and Prof. Catherine Graham to develop an automated monitoring system for Alpine plants and insect pollinators in order to better capture plant-pollinator interactions. My previous work has combined extensive fieldwork, greenhouse work, and statistical analyses, and I look forward to applying scientific findings in real-world capacities. 



M.S. Biology (Forest Ecology), Virginia Commonwealth University, 2022

B.A. Biology & B.A. Anthropology, University of Virginia, 2018


You can find me on LinkedIn.