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Prof. Dr. Fritz Schweingruber




Eidg. Forschungsanstalt WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi LH A 4


Private Address

Gartenstrasse 19, CH 8903 Birmensdorf, Switzerland Tel.: 0041 (0) 44 737 2571

Main interests

Dendrochronology, Wood anatomy, Micro photography, Art in nature

Current work

Anatomy of the xylem and phloem of herbs, shrubs and dwarf shrubs and trees



Dendrochronological Database

This online relational database contains tree-ring data as well as their documentation and spatial information.

Verantwortliche Person: Dirk Schmatz , Fritz Schweingruber

Dendrochronological Picture Database

1,400 slides covering most topics relevant to dendrochronology show general and species-specific macroscopic and microscopic reactions to environment conditions.

Verantwortliche Person: Fritz Schweingruber

Microscopic Wood Anatomy of Central European species

Identify your species with online high resolution cross- and length sections from trunks and twigs. All free of charge.

Verantwortliche Person: Fritz Schweingruber

Xylem Database

The Xylem database is an atlas of microscopic stem structures of herbs, dwarf

shrubs, shrubs and trees in transversal, tangential and radial


Verantwortliche Person: Fritz Schweingruber