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Drought 2018 - TreeNet meets Sentinel2


TreeNet permanently measures growth and tree water deficit (TWD) of about 250 tree individuals in forests all over Switzerland with so-called point dendrometers. TWD has shown to be a reasonable biological indicator for drought stress and quantifies the amount of missing water a tree needs to reach full saturation. In combination with spectral anomalies of satellite-based indices (e.g. NDWI from Sentinel 2ab) between 2018 and a reference period of 2015-2017 we would like to test whether we can (i) find a close link between the two drought stress indicators, (ii) define thresholds of TWD which are detectable from the satellite, and (iii) use this knowledge to map the impacts of the drought 2018 for Switzerland. The drought 2018 offers a unique opportunity to verify the quality of this links because of the large range of drought intensities.