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Analysing Net-Zero Transformations


Profound transformations are needed to shift our society towards a net-zero world. Such transformations require structural, sometimes disruptive change and innovations. Our project aims to analyse the emergence of net-zero transformations. We analyse structural changes leading to new pathways by addressing three research questions: (i) How can transformations be conceptualised? (ii) What were the basic conditions and factors that enabled profound past transformations in Switzerland? (iii) How can we use past experience to enhance net-zero transformations? Our approach generates novel insights into environmental policy and natural resource management for WSL at large. The project will (i) provide a comprehensive basis for establishing a new WSL research field, (ii) demonstrate the WSL commitment to support the new WSL-EAWAG-ETH joint initiative "Economics for Net Zero", and (iii) proactively generate knowledge for paving the way to the envisioned ETH domain strategic area 'Net Zero'.