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Light Pollution in Switzerland: An analysis of regions and natural habitats

Kyek, S.J.
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Kyek, S.J., 2019: Light Pollution in Switzerland: An analysis of regions and natural habitats. Master thesis. 32 p.


Artificial light at night or light pollution has gained more attention from the scientific community in recent decades. Among other countries in Europe, Switzerland is presently in the phase of expanding its legislations regarding light pollution and how to mitigate excessive emissions. This thesis aims to identify what the current state of affairs Switzerland finds itself in concerning the subject. In a first step I will identify the general knowledge gathered so far on the topic of ecological light pollution and the adverse effects it has. In a second phase an analysis of how light pollution has developed in Switzerland in a twenty-year period will help identify regions of excessive light pollution. Furthermore, it will take a closer look at regions of ecological importance such as wetlands. The results show a widespread increase of light emissions in Switzerland, from which remote regions in the countryside are not excluded. This is also reflected in an increase of light pollution in protected natural reserves, which could have further severe adverse effects on natural ecosystems. In a final discourse the current legal framework regarding light pollution in Switzerland is defined. Improved knowledge about these circumstances will help distinguish which topics require further research and what can be expected in legal terms for the near future.