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Fallstudie im CAS Räumliche Informationssysteme

Das Weiterbildungsprogramm CAS (Certificate of Advanced Studies) ETH in

Räumliche Informationssysteme richtet sich an aktuelle wie auch an

zukünftige Anwenderinnen und Anwender von Geodaten und raumbezogenen

Informationstechnologien wie GIS (Geographische Informationssysteme).

Veranstalter: ETH Zürich
Verantwortliche Person: Marielle Fraefel

Geographic Data Processing with Python and ArcGIS

The course communicates the basics of the programming language Python and gives a general introduction into the geoprocessing framework of ArcGIS. In addition various Python libraries (numyp, Scipy, GDAL, statsmodels, pandas) will be introduced which increase the functional range of the geoprocessing framework substantially.

Veranstalter: ETH Zurich
Verantwortliche Person: Andri Baltensweiler

Geographic Information Systems

Introduction to the architecture and data processing capabilities of geographic information systems (GIS). Practical application of spatial data modeling and geoprocessing functions to a selected project from the earth sciences.

Veranstalter: ETH Zurich
Verantwortliche Person: Andri Baltensweiler , Martin Hägeli

Künstliche Intelligenz: Eine Einführung

Die folgenden Kapitel aus dem Lehrbuch von Stuart Russell und Peter Norvig (2010) werden ganz oder teilweise behandelt: 1. Introduction 2. Intelligent Agents 3. Solving Problems by Searching 7. Logical Agents 10. Classical Planning 18. Learning from Examples 20. Learning Probabilistic Models 22. Natural Language Processing 23. Natural Language and Communication 26. Philosophical Foundations 27. AI: The Present and Future A Mathematical Background B Notes on Languagesand Algorithms

Verantwortliche Person: Rolf Grütter

Lecture with Practical Exercises: Introduction to Databases

This course introduces the fundamentals of database technology and database design, leading the participants from requirements analysis, through conceptual, logical to the physical data models. The focus will be on (object-)relational databases. An overview of the current trends in non- relational technologies will conclude the course.

Veranstalter: University of Zurich
Verantwortliche Person: Rolf Meile