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Dienstag, 15. Dezember 2020,  14 Uhr virtuell

New insights on larch budmoth from dendrochronology and ecophysiology

Beat Wermelinger - The myth of the moth – drivers of the regular LBM cycles
Riccardo Cerrato - Larch budmoth outbreaks in the Central Italian Alps during the last 250 years
Ulf Büntgen - Rethinking the effects of climate on the LBM system
Daniele Castagneri - Long-term impacts of larch budmoth outbreaks on larch xylem structure and tree-ring biomass
Richard L. Peters - How bad was the 2018 larch budmoth outbreak for the physiological functioning of larch?
Marco Lehmann - Triple isotope analysis of larch budmoth events


Chair: Daniele Castagneri and Richard L. Peters



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