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Birmensdorfer Tree-ring Lectures


Tree-Ring Lectures -  Scientific talks and presentations given by WSL scientists and staff, typically a 2-hour monthly meeting
Special Invited Tree-Ring Lectures - Organized ad hoc and ad libitum! Invited guest lectures given by scientists, students, guests, visitors in the labs who are not present to give a talk during a regularly scheduled Tree-Ring Lecture
Tree-Ring Spring's Event -  A springtime event, at Birmensdorf or surroundings 
Tree-Ring Summer Meeting -  A one- or half-a-day scientific meeting dealing in depth with one topic, finishing with a BBQ in the WSL gardens
Tree-Ring Fall Excursion -  A one- or two-day scientific excursion of the whole tree-ring community with talks and presentations on research achievements or ongoing projects in the region
Tree-Ring November Journal Club -   A half-a-day presentation of the most influential papers published by not-WSL staff in the different fields of tree- ring related sciences during the past year, chosen by selected WSL scientists and students
Tree-Ring December's Forum -  A discussion among WSL scientists on hot and emerging issues in treering science, moderated and including invited talks and a panel discussion or not, concluding into the traditional Dendro X-mas Party
WSL Dendrosciences Group’s scientific and technical staff, WSL tree-ring scientists, PhD students, Master students, WSL scientists, tree-ring interested scientists and students working in the Zurich area (e.g., ETHZ, PSI, UZH) and in Switzerland or European countries (although we don't believe that people from overseas will run, swim and fly to these meetings, of course, scientists from other parts of the world are warmly welcome too!).
Each meeting will be chaired by a WSL scientist depending on the topic and willingness.
Proposals for meetings....
.... are welcome!
English preferred.
Scientific Committee
Dr. Paolo Cherubini, Dr. Patrick Fonti, Dr. Holger Gärtner, Dr. Kerstin Treydte, Dr. Georg von Arx
Dr. Paolo Cherubini, Dr. Georg von Arx