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Biodiversity-Seminar: Gender biases on the editorial boards and authorship in Ecology



WSL Birmensdorf, Englersaal


Nadia Castro Izaguirre


Dr. Ana Margarida Coelho dos Santos, Terrestrial Ecology Group, Universidad Autonoma de Madrid


Elisa  Barreto




Vorträge und Kolloquien


Anyone interested in the topics


Although awareness is increasing about the need to create a more inclusive, equal and diverse scientific community, gender biases and underrepresentation of researchers from certain regions are still pervasive in academia. They are present, for example, in the number of publications and on co-authorship patterns, and in the representation on journal’s editorial boards. Here, we evaluate (1) trends in authorships and (2) the composition of editorial teams in Ecology journals, taking into consideration the researchers’ gender and country of affiliation. In particular, we evaluate the number of authors and their position within the list of co-author’s for studies published in four journals (Diversity and Distributions, Ecography, Global Ecology and Biogeography, and Journal of Biogeography). We also analyse the composition of the editorial board of all journals listed within the field of Ecology in 2021 (166 in total), evaluating whether representation is associated with the journal’s impact factor.
Preliminary results indicate the existence of both gender and geographical biases. Women publish less articles than men, representing less than 33% of authorships. However, there is a slight tendency towards an increase in female representation over time. This lower representation of women as authors occurs in most countries. Regarding the composition of editorial boards, women represent about 25%-35% of editors in most journals.
These results highlight that gender equality is still not present in Ecology, and we discuss potential strategies to solve this problem.

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