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Biodiversity-Seminar: Agents, Neutrality and Plankton. A short trip from theoretical ecology to applied individual-based models



WSL Birmensdorf, Englersaal


Nadia Castro Izaguirre


Dr. Johan Früh, Post doc at WSL


Sabine Fink




Vorträge und Kolloquien


Anyone interested in the topics


Understanding the inter-species competition dynamics that determine the species we observe within existing assemblages remains a challenge in ecology. The concept of niches has, in part, helped and it has been a foundation for the development of useful tools (ie: species distribution maps). However, stochasticity also plays an important role in assembly, as underlined by the Unified Neutral Theory of Biodiversity.

For my PhD at the University of Leeds (UK), I explored how species richness affects the niche-neutral continuum, in other words: to which extent community assembly is deterministic (determined by niches) or stochastic (reflecting neutral theory). One main method of exploring the niche-neutral continuum is the use of individual-based models, as these reflect the very concept behind neutral models.

During this presentation, I will first describe the concepts behind the niche-neutral continuum and the use of individual-based models. I will then skim across various projects developed during my PhD and conclude with the current state of a project I am currently working on at the WSL: an intuitive tool that combines species distribution maps and individual-based models to assess potential friction between nearby-recreation users and sensitive wildlife.


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