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On the colour of snow: measurements, modelling and applications



Hörsaal, SLF Davos (video-link to WSL Birmensdorf)


Rosmarie Büchi


Dr. Marie Dumont, Centre National de Recherches Météorologiques, Centre d'Etudes de la Neige, Grenoble, France


Jürg Schweizer




Distinguished Lectures


everybody interested in this topic

Dr. Marie Dumont

Snow is the most reflective surface on Earth. Hence the snow cover has a crucial role to play in maintaining the Earth’s climate. Snow often reflects the major part of the incoming solar radiation in the visible wavelengths. This whiteness and its subtle variations with the properties of snow are responsible for several significant snow-atmosphere feedbacks. This is why the optical properties of snow must be investigated, measured and modelled so that we can better understand and predict these complex feedbacks. This talk will detail several methodologies developed to model and measure the snow optical properties in the lab, in the field and from space. It will also demonstrate how this knowledge on the snow optical properties can be used to improve our understanding and modelling of the snow cover evolution for applications ranging from glacier mass balance, to avalanche forecasting and water resources.