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Science Day



On November 21st, 2018 the 1st SwissForestLab Science Day will take place at the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.

During this event the research of junior and senior scientists within the SwissForestLab will be highlighted and networking and collaboration will be fostered.

We will start with three keynote lectures covering the three central research topics of the SwissForestLab, namely (1) biodiversity and ecosystem functioning; (2) land-use change and long-term legacies; and (3) climate change effects on forest ecosystems. Short workshops will allow for deepening these topics and develop further project and cooperation ideas. Moreover, in short talks and a poster session research highlights of scientists, groups and institutions will be presented.


08:30Welcoming coffee
09:20Introduction, A. Gessler (WSL)
09:30Keynote "Biodiversity responses to forest use: consequences for conservation and ecosystem functions", K. Bollmann (WSL)
10:15Keynote "Prehistoric land-use change and its long-term legacy for future European forest dynamics", W. Tinner (University of Bern)
11:00Keynote "Forests under climate change: from climatic vulnerabilities to mitigation strategies", M. Stoffel (University of Geneva)
11:45Stand-up lunch and poster session
13:15Short talks on research / project highlights from SwissForestLab member institutions
  • Nele Rogiers, BAFU: Das BAFU Abt. Wald als Partner des SwissForestLab

  • Urs Kormann, BHF: Biodiversity, ecosystem functions and economic revenue in US and European Douglas Fir forests

  • Arthur Gessler in Vertretung von Ansgar Kahmen, Uni Basel:

  • Harald Bugmann, ETH:

  • Sabine  Braun, IAP: Intercantonal Forest Monitoring: main results 1984–2018

  • Christoph Schwörer, Uni Bern: Back to the Future - Using paleoecological methods to estimate future vegetation changes

  • Jaime Madrigal-Gonzales, Uni Genf: The importance of tree-level growth responses to climate under global climate change

  • Felix Morsdorf, Uni Zürich: Earth, water and perspectives from the air - forest related research at UZH Geography

  • Christoph Hegg, WSL:

15:00Coffee break
15:30Workshops on the three main research topics, networking, exchange of project and collaboration ideas