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internal age structure

  • The physiological age of tree rings inside a tree may be different from their calendric age. The various endogenous and exogenous factors influencing tree growth may be determined by stem analysis:

    - axis 1, from pith outwards: the aging cambium has been exposed to various environmental factors;
    - axis 2, parallel to the youngest tree ring. Along this axis, the cambium has been affected by the same environmental factors; its physiological age varies from young at the top of the stem to old at the bottom;
    - axis 3, parallel to the pith. Physiologically young cambia have been affected by various environmental factors. (≈ Duff and Nolan 1953).
German: interne Altersstruktur
French: structure interne
Italian: struttura interna dell'età
Spanish: estructura de edad del árbol
Portuguese: estrutura interna da idade

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