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Glossary of Dendrochronology

tree architecture

Tree architecture of a Picea mariana.
A. Germination in 1890, normal growth until 1911, then production of narrow rings (0.1 to 0.5 mm). The following period of improved growth results from the good performance of shoot C.
B. Shoot B does not survive the competition with shoot C and dies after 21 years.
C. Shoot C was the leader shoot for 18 years, until shoot F took over.
D. Shoot D is taken over by shoot F.
E. Shoot E develops as a leading element of the tree architecture.
F. Shoot F has taken on assimilation functions since 1976.
G. The status of the side-shoot G improved slightly in 1976.
Fundamental changes in tree architecture occurred between B and C, D and E and G and F. (B├ęgin 1991)