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Xylem Database

Xylem Database

The database is an atlas of microscopic stem structures of herbs, dwarf shrubs, shrubs and trees in transversal, tangential and radial sections.  Code numbers describe the anatomical features of the xylem (wood) and the phloem and cortex (bark) and the presence of annual rings in relation to plant families, plant morphology, distribution and ecology.  Until now the dadabase contains approximately 350 species from the families of Apocyanacea, Asclepiadacea, Brasicacea, Caryophyllacea, Gentianacea, Resedacea and Rubiacea from regions with a more or less seasonal climate in Eurasia and Northern America. The dataset will be enlarged continuously.

Quality of pictures: Thumbs: 101x150, pictures: 538x800 pixels. The authors provide  pictures on demand with a resolution of  1920x2558 pixels.

The database is an addition to:  Schweingruber, F.H., Poschlod, P. 2005: Growth rings in herbs and shrubs: Life span, age determination and stem anatomy. Forest, Snow and Landscape Res. 79, 195-415

The use of the slides is free provided that the data source is mentioned.