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Forthcoming Event:
  • XVI Congress of European Mycologists in Porto Carras, Sithonia peninsula, Greece from 19 to 23 September 2011 For more information, visit the meeting website

Current Activities
Bern Convention:
ECCF is running, in collaboration with JEC (Journées Européennes du Cortinaire, Strasbourg-F) a program for having 33 fungal species registered in the Bern Convention Appendix I. The species, producing macroscopic fruit-bodies, comprise European priority species, for which threat is identified. Management can be efficiently adapted and conservation would yield a clear benefit to the concerned ecosystems. Priority habitats for the proposed species include old-growth forests, forests on very poor soils, bogs and swampy forests, unfertilised meadows, calcareous grasslands and sand-dunes. The introduction of these species into the Bern Convention Appendix would mean a great contribution to nature conservation and would recognise the crucial value of fungi in ecosystems functioning. However, it should be stressed that in fact many more species are threatened and in need of protection on a European scale.   >> Fungal candidates

Past Activities
Fungal Conservation, Whitby, North Yorkshire, 26th - 30th October 2009<
Meeting St Petersburg , September 2007: the Minutes (pdf 84 KB)
The Cordoba-Meeting November 2005: Photo-Gallery
Meetings 1985 - 2001

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