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Biodiversity Seminar: The astonishing species richness of urban trees in Switzerland



WSL Birmensdorf, LG E05

Organized by:

Nadia Castro Izaguirre


Dr. Benno Augustinus, Forest health and biotic interactions, WSL

Moderated by:

Deborah Leigh



Type of event:

Presentations and colloquia

Target audience:

Anyone interested in the topics


Forest tree conmposition is often described well by forest inventories, but in comparison, few is no about urban tree species composition. We collected and combined urban tree inventories from 26 Swiss municipalities, with data from ~450'000 individual trees in total. Urban tree inventories contain a very high species diversity with representatives of more 1500 species. In surrounding forests, 72 tree species were counted. We discuss implications for monitoring invasive alien species and potential ways to further investigate this dataset.

Link for online participation

Please send an Email to Nadia Castro Izaguirre if you would like to get access to the live stream.


The Biodiversity Seminar Series (BD-Seminars) are organized by the WSL Biodiversity Center. Every two weeks, we aim to host a seminar speaker that presents research or outreach on topics relevant to the biodiversity community at WSL. The seminars are public and are usually broadcasted online.

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