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Biodiversity-Seminar: MoGLI - Modeling the potential distribution of woody species in Swiss forests



WSL Birmensdorf, Englersaal

Organized by:

Marco Moretti

Moderated by:

Andri Baltensweiler



Type of event:

Presentations and colloquia

Target audience:

Anyone interested in the topics

Lecturer: Rafael Wüest Karpati


Abstract: The MoGLI project models the distribution of most woody species present in the Swiss forests using species distribution models. In a first part, I will introduce the modeling approach in some detail, and present the types of variables used in the project that range from rather climatic and topographic predictors to remotely sensed LiDAR data on vegetation structure. I will also present some of the produced distribution maps to illustrate the achieved results, and give an outlook on how these maps will be presented as publicly available maps in a web-GIS application. In a second part, I will show how LiDAR data can be used as a proxy for light availability in the forest and how they can help to improve distribution models.


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