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Global Land Use: Open Science Meeting 2019



26. April 201926 April 2019, 17:00


Universität Bern

Organized by:

Globel Land Programme



Moderated by:




Type of event:


Target audience:

Researchers and stakeholders from civil society, government, and the private sector

Transforming Land Systems for People and Nature

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11 scientists from WSL are contributing with sessions, presentations and posters:

Kienast, Prof. Felix

Session: Integrating the landscape concept into land change science.
Landscapes are important entities for place identity and place attachment in mobile societies.

Hersperger, Dr. Anna M

Session: The role of policy and planning in urban land change: conceptualizations and evidence.
Quantifying the transformative capacity of strategic planning: novel method and evidence from two European urban regions.

Palka, Dr. Gaëtan

Session: Integrating spatial policies in land change modelling: current issues and challenges.
Effects of planning efficiency for nature protection in peri-urban open spaces.

da Silva Oliveira, Eduardo Henrique

Presentation: The role of strategic spatial plans in managing urban-rural relationships in European and North American urban regions.

Zhao, Dr. Chunhong

Session: Understanding and operationalizing the sustainability concept for guiding urban transformations.
Simulation of the underlying factors of urban transformation and characterizing the effects of planning in guiding sustainable urban forms: a case study of Austin metropolitan area, Texas, U.S.

Price, Dr. Bronwyn

Presentation: High resolution remote sensing for understanding dynamics of forest and grassland systems.

Pazur, Dr. Robert

Presentation: Rapid assessment of grassland management intensity with high resolution satellite imagery.

Bacău, Simona

Presentation: Consistency of multi-level spatial plans to support transformations of land systems. Analyzing the case of Bucharest.

Kiessling, Nadine

Presentation: Conceptualizing the regional governance capacity of spatial planning.

Bazrafshan, Mahsa

Poster: Using user generated data and interviews to analyze the use of urban green space by people in different cultures.

Schmid, Franziska Birgit

Poster: Transformative potential of strategic spatial planning – the case of Zurich, Switzerland.