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At the end of 2021, WSL's 579 employment contracts amounted to 500,1 full-time equivalents (FTEs). Scientists accounted for roughly 58 % of all staff (FTEs). The scientific staff includes 66 doctoral students and 49 post-doctoral researchers. Its staff also included 13 apprentices, being trained in seven professions.


The proportion of women (excluding apprentices) was approximately 38 %. Foreign staff accounted for nearly 32 %. WSL staff came from 39 different countries. German was the mother tongue of most employees (80%).


WSL launched a Visiting Fellows programme to increase research collaboration with foreign scientists. The aim of this programme is to enable leading international researchers at an advanced stage of their career to spend 3-12 months conducting research at WSL. Fellowships are awarded annually to international applicants. Eight Visiting Fellows from various research establishments around the world worked at WSL in 2021.