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Experimental sites in forests

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For over 100 years long-term monitoring of the condition and development of the forest has been one of our core tasks. The sustainable use of the natural resource wood as well as maintaining the manifold services of the forest require standardised data collection over many years.

The resulting data series are a valuable basis for all kinds of research questions and an indicator for the Swiss forests’ health.

Naturally, we use a multitude of individual research plots for specific, targeted questions. This chapter, however, only concerns the long-term monitoring plots.


Swiss National Forest Inventory

What does the Swiss forest look like and how does it change over time? The Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) tries to answer these questions.

Sanasilva-Inventur: looking out. Foto: WSL

Sanasilva Inventory

With the Sanasilva inventory we have been collecting data on the condition of the trees in Swiss forests since 1985.

LWF research plot in Beatenberg (BE). Photo: WSL

Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research (LWF)

We examine the long-term effects of stresses on the forest and identify the risks that are relevant to people.


The Seehornwald near Davos belongs to one of the best equipped long-term forest ecology research sites of the world.

Teaserbild Ertragskunde

Long-term growth and yield data

Our research in forest growth gathers data on forest structure on 390 growth and yield research plots everey 5 to 12 years.

Teaserbild Naturwaldreservate

Natural forest reserves

In natural forest reserves, the forest is left to develop largely without human intervention. We are studying the processes that are involved.

Teaser-Bild TreeNet


TreeNet is an international monitoring and research network measuring tree stem radius fluctuations in terms of forest ecosystem's responses to...