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While working in the office, lab and especially out in the field, WSL researchers make a lot of quirky, remarkable or funny experiences. In our 'Logbook' blog they will post sporadic reports on their experiences. Blog posts reflect the personal opinions of their authors.


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WSL glaciologists repeated a Himalayan expedition by Swiss explorers to collect updated data on the glaciers.


Snow researcher Ruzica Dadic is spending a year as a fellow at the SLF. In this blog she charts the pitfalls faced by her and her family.


SLF researcher Alec van Herwijnen wants to find out whether an avalanche detection system tested in Switzerland also works in Iceland.


The Snow Hydrology Research Group observed the first signs of spring through thermal drone imagery and melting river ice.


The Snow Hydrology Research Group wrapped up their field campaign and made a quintessential Finnish experience.


The Snow Hydrology Research Group started deploying their ground based equipment and were surprised with a view of the northern lights.


The SLF Snow Hydrology Research Group has arrived in Finland for their forest-snow field campaign.


WSL doctoral student Joël Rüthi spent five weeks aboard an icebreaker. A logbook contribution about the search for Arctic soil microbes.


In a blog post, SLF botanist Christian Rixen describes how he circumnavigated the north of Greenland and what he discovered along the way.


In the Pamir Mountains, many glaciers are stable or even growing. In the logbook, WSL glacier researchers talk about their expedition there.