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The Asian long-horned beetle which was detected in the Canton of Fribourg in 2011 and 2014 was successfully eradicated after several years of control.


Tiny marine organisms transport carbon from the atmosphere into the depths of the oceans. Climate change is altering this biological pump.


The winter of 1998/99 claimed many lives and caused extensive damage to property in the Alps. What lessons have been learned from this experience?


This day is a reminder that women play a critical role in science and technology. We celebrate it by presenting three outstanding researchers at WSL.


Felix Kienast is the new President of the Forum Landscape, Alps, Parks, which is part of the Swiss Academy of Sciences (SCNAT).


The further away trees grow from the poles or mountain peaks, the more drought limits their growth.


The expansion of renewable energy will further decentralise power and heat generation in Switzerland. (Image:


The first global vegetation database contains over 1.1 million vegetation records.


The book "Moore der Schweiz" (German) presents the development of moors in Switzerland and their research. Includes many case studies.


Fine tree roots get far less old than previously assumed, as demonstrated by tree ring analyses in a study published in Nature Communications.


Soils and forests are very dry, the water in rivers and lakes low. July started drier than the scorching summer of 2015. More on (German).


Spectacular outbreak of the larvae of the grey larch tortrix in Engadine and Valais: the trees look ill, but will recover within short time.


The southern location of WSL opened its doors to the public on June 9, 2018.


Farming of palm oil crop has a major impact on the environment. A study by EPFL and the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL shows possible solutions.


Data collection for the fifth Swiss National Forest Inventory (NFI) has just got under way.


Which tree species should foresters and forest owners promote in view of climate change? The WSL report provides the basis for decisions.


The chemistry of soil water in forests has changed in Europe: there is a large decrease in the amount of sulphate, nutrients and aluminium.


Soils harbour countless organisms that are paramount in degrading organic matter. (German only)


The Swiss National Forest Inventory at the WSL has completed the first census of red forest ants in Switzerland. (German or French)


2017 saw the highest cost of damage caused by flooding, landslides, debris flows, rockfall and rock avalanches since 2007.