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While working in the office, lab and especially out in the field, WSL researchers make a lot of quirky, remarkable or funny experiences. In our 'Logbook' blog they will post sporadic reports on their experiences.


In their quest for new insights, WSL researchers and technicians sometimes plan unusual and exciting experiments and expeditions. For example, they collect snow samples in the Antarctic, gather driftwood in Greenland, fly chunks of soil including all plants from a mountainside down into a valley by helicopter to simulate climate change, or they roll large concrete boulders downhill and film their tumbling. While we publish the results of this work online, in our magazine DIAGONAL and in scientific publications, up to now only friends and relatives have been able to share the researchers' personal experiences.

In the 'Logbook' blog, researchers will write of their adventures during experiments near or far, talking about anything from difficulties with their sophisticated electronics to how the food tastes in an Antarctic research station. These blog posts are not scientific per se, but help to cast light on what research entails: creativity, passion, patience and massive effort.

Blog posts reflect the personal opinions of their authors.


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The second leg of the MOSAiC expedition is drawing to a close: important measurements have been taken and the light is slowly returning. Read more in the blog.



How to stop an arctic fox from chewing on cables and why you are never alone on an expedition can be read in the new blog post.


Christmas and New Year made a welcome change for the scientists on board the research vessel Polarstern. Read more about this in the blog.


SLF researcher Yves Bühler spends an icy night in a tent to measure snow on a glacier. Read his blog entry for more details.


Researchers on the MOSAiC expedition are grappling with a number of challenges, including damage caused by a storm. But the work goes on.


SLF researcher David Wagner reports on how the MOSAiC expedition team have found a suitable ice floe for their stay in the Arctic Ocean.


How do you get 150 kg of measuring equipment up to a high altitude test site? Geophysicist Jacopo Boaga tells you about it in his blog post.


SLF researcher Yves Bühler is fascinated by New Zealand's natural environment – especially its spectacular avalanches. Read more in the blog.


In his blog post, SLF botanist Christian Rixen explains how he reached the Samoylov research station despite his luggage being lost.