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We will be glad to assist the media in their research and to arrange interviews with our in-house experts. Both media representatives and freelancers are very welcome to visit our research sites and study plots all over the country.


Previously published press releases and images can be found on our News platform. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, where we often share our news. You can find numerous videos about our research on our Youtube Channel.



The scenarios provide hourly climate values for almost 200 stations in Switzerland up to the year 2100.

Scientists from WSL and Eawag team up to find solutions to the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss.

Tree buds emerge from dormancy when they have been exposed to cool temperatures for a certain time.

Brown Long-eared Bat. Photo: Stiftung Fledermausschutz

Due to its network of green spaces, Zurich has more bats living in it than other European cities, according to a new WSL-led study.