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We will be glad to assist the media in their research and to arrange interviews with our in-house experts. Both media representatives and freelancers are very welcome to visit our research sites and study plots all over the country.


Previously published press releases and images can be found on our News platform. Or follow us on Facebook or Twitter, where we often share our news. You can find numerous videos about our research on our Youtube Channel.



For forest rejuvenation, a broad range of sustainable tree species is being sought. Juveniles of selected tree species are wrapped in sheaths to protect them against game damage. (Bireggwald Lucerne, 2019, Photo: FOEN)

A new app shows tree species suited to specific locations that can adapt to and thrive in a changed climate.

Professor Alexandre Buttler, head of the WSL Lausanne site and former member of the WSL management, is retiring today.

Researchers from WSL and SLF are now blogging about what they experience during field work. A snow researcher starts the blog off on a "wrong track".

Nach dem Trockensommer 2018 abgestorbene Bäume (Bild: Peter Waldner/WSL)

WSL researchers have investigated the consequences of the extreme drought in 2018 on forests. Now they present the first results.