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Researchers have reconstructed the recent mass balance of glaciers in High Mountain Asia. Only 60 % of the annual melt was replenished by snow.


Where plant diversity declines due to land use, there are fewer insects and biodiversity decreases, indicates a large study led by WSL.


A review study shows: Many species cannot keep up with increasing warming, although they move to higher altitudes.


Satellite data show a progressive loss of tropical montane cloud forests - even in protected areas.


An international research team including scientists from WSL has shown that almost all the world’s glaciers are becoming thinner.


Two early career researchers at WSL win Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions grants in the fields of natural hazards and sustainable development.


The scenarios provide hourly climate values for almost 200 stations in Switzerland up to the year 2100.


Scientists from WSL and Eawag team up to find solutions to the pressing challenges of biodiversity loss.


Tree buds emerge from dormancy when they have been exposed to cool temperatures for a certain time.


Due to its network of green spaces, Zurich has more bats living in it than other European cities, according to a new WSL-led study.


Placing white tarpaulins over glaciers temporarily reduces ice melt, but because of the costs this is only viable for small areas.



Researchers from ETH Zurich and WSL combined seismic sensors and machine learning to detect debris flows as early as possible.


In a difficult year, WSL launched major interdisciplinary initiatives with partner organizations and published more than ever.


How well does European beech tolerate summer droughts? New short film on a current forest research project.


A study of the entire genome of the chestnut blight pathogen helps to better understand how invasive organisms can spread.


"Forest Functioning under Air Pollution and Climate Change", August 2021 in Davos: enrollment open for PhD, Postdocs and MSc in their last year.


Evaluation of measured data collected throughout the Alps reveals regional disparities in decline of snow cover.


Symposium "The Cryosphere in a Changing Climate"

In memory of the late WSL Director Koni Steffen, a symposium on cryosphere and climate will be held from 21-22 October 2021. Register now.


How will climate change affect the water situation in Switzerland? This question was the focus of the research programme Hydro-CH2018.


Recent summer droughts in Europe are far more severe than anything in the past 2100 years, according to a new study of tree-rings.