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During the 2018 summer drought, beech trees dropped their fruit early. WSL researchers were now able to document this response in forest trees.


Wie kann man mit der Abgeschiedenheit umgehen? Davon berichtet unter anderem SLF-Forscher David Wagner, der monatelang auf einer Polarexpedition war.


Numerous projects in applied research and two "Forum for Knowledge": At WSL, 2019 was all about knowledge transfer.


Since 1991, the Confederation has had a "Forest Biodiversity Strategy", under which natural forest reserves are promoted. WSL is responsible for monitoring.


Did the warm winter 2019/20 harm forest trees? An experiment at the WSL investigates this question.


The ETH Board is strengthening the biodiversity research of WSL and Eawag in order to find answers to the challenges of species loss as quickly as possible.


Over 1000 pages on the botanical diversity in the canton of Zurich. Edited by WSL researchers Thomas Wohlgemuth and Michael Nobis.


Summer School FORMON (Long-term Forest Monitoring)

The Summer School FORMON for PhD, postdocs and master students will take place in Davos from 23 to 29 August. Apply by May 1st.


Climate change affects the water conditions in the atmosphere, increasing trees' water stress. WSL researchers are investigating the phenomenon.


Take a look behind the scenes of our work. What does forest protection mean in practice?

Video with subtitles in various languages.


In 2019, bark beetle damage reached 1.4 million m3 of spruce wood. This is the second highest level ever recorded apart from the year 2003.


The second leg of the MOSAiC expedition is drawing to a close: important measurements have been taken and the light is slowly returning. Read more in the blog.



Transmission without alteration of genetic information: trees pass on environmental changes to their offspring, a WSL study has found.


How to stop an arctic fox from chewing on cables and why you are never alone on an expedition can be read in the new blog post.


Since October 2019, the research vessel “Polarstern” has been drifting through the Arctic ice. A video shows what is happening around the ship.


Three women hold management positions in the WSL’s forest research unit. We interviewed them for the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.


Numerous organisms rely on deadwood for survival. A new WSL factsheet explains how to recognize and protect those old important trees (in German).


A study involving SLF researchers shows that warmer air and a lower volume of melt water are driving up the temperature of watercourses.


20 years ago, hurricane Lothar caused tremendous damage. Meanwhile, more robust, species-rich forests have regrown in many places.


Foresters and conservationists differ in their assessment of which trees should be felled or left standing. Read more in DIAGONAL magazine.