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Alpine Mass Movements

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Lead: Prof. Dr. Johan Gaume

The Alpine Mass Movement research group investigates the mechanics of gravitational mass movements occurring in mountain environments and contributes to mitigation and land-use planning solutions. Processes of interest include avalanches, debris flows and rockfalls. The group develops and uses advanced computational methods as well as physics-based practice-oriented approaches, supported by laboratory and field experiments to better understand and predict the triggering phase and dynamics of mass movements. Particular attention is devoted to understanding and addressing climate change impacts and potentially catastrophic cascading processes.

The new group Alpine Mass Movements covers one of the six main topics of the CERC research centre. The group is operated together with the chair of Alpine Mass Movements at ETH Zürich in the framework of a joint professorship by Johan Gaume. Teaching at ETH Zürich by Prof. Gaume includes “Granular Mechanics” (start fall 2023) and “Alpine Mass Movements” (start spring 2025).