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Forest Resources and Management

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Head: Dr. Marco Ferretti

Our mission is: "Building knowledge on Swiss forests for science, sustainable management, and people". Our ultimate goal is to promote sustainable use and climate-smart forest management of the Swiss forests in the 21st Century.

Our activity is directed to:

  • Advance our understanding on condition, response and feedbacks of Swiss forests to global change drivers, by long-term, large-scale monitoring and experiments, analysis, modeling and predictions.
  • Develop science-driven solutions for sustainable management and forestry options in a changing climate, toensure regeneration and sustainable provision of forests products and services, and protect biodiversity.

  • Connect the science and the applied forest management, bynovel methods, approaches, Decision Support Systems and transfer to managers, administrations and people.


Our strengths stay into:

  • Long-term data: tradition and innovation. Look at our growth and yield network on managed forests (since 1885), at the network on forest reserves, (since 1948), or at our role within the Swiss National Forest Inventory LFI. Look also at our recent initiative SwissAIMto advance the monitoring of Swiss forest.
  • A balanced blend of expertise, methods, information science and technology. Our expertise goes from inventorying and monitoring to statistics and modeling, from sylviculture to forestry and bioenergy, from data management to geo-spatial information systems and science, and from field methods to close range remote sensing, data visualization and computer vision.
  • Swiss focus, international perspective. While our focus is on the Swiss national scale, we are active from local to international scale. Our collaborators have important roles in international activities and programs, like the UNECE ICP Forests, the ENFIN, the FAO ToS.