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WSL develops, together with its partners in science, society and the economy, solutions for socially relevant questions, which have a strong focus on implementation and are oriented to practice. WSL’s approach is inter- and transdisciplinary. This often requires close collaboration across the boundaries of organisational units, which is why we set up Programmes (large projects) to work on interdisciplinary issues for a limited period.


WSL Biodiversity Center

With the Biodiversity Center WSL builds a nationally and internationally recognized research strength in biodiversity science.


Blue Green Biodiversity

An Eawag-WSL collaboration focusing on Biodiversity at the interface of aquatic and terrestrial ecosystems.

WSL Drought Initiative 2018

The aim of this extraordinary WSL initiative is to quickly answer specific questions arising from the extreme drought of summer 2018.


The SwissForestLab is a research platform and infrastructural network in forest research.


EnviDat is the WSL data portal providing unified and managed access to environmental monitoring and research data.

CCAMM - Climate Change and Alpine Mass Movements

The CCAMM research programme investigates the effects of climate change on alpine mass movements.

Windturbinen (Foto: Reinhard Lässig)

Energy Change Impact

The Research Programme supports decision-making related to the implementation of the Swiss Energy Strategy 2050 with research-based information.

National Forest Inventory NFI

The NFI has been continually recording the condition and changes in the Swiss forest since 1983.

LWF research plot in Beatenberg (BE). Photo: WSL

Long-term Forest Ecosystem Research (LWF)

We examine the long-term effects of stresses on the forest and identify the risks that are relevant to people.

WSL Landscape Centre

The Landscape Centre pools expertise in landscape research and ensures that the research results are available to all interested parties.

Completed programmes and large projects

Results of completed research programs of the WSL, e.g. CCES, Cost Actions, Research programme Forests and Climate Change.