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Sector-coupling: The key to a sustainable mobility and energy system

26th of August 2019, Open Session 10:30-11:30 at the National Mobility Conference "Rethinking Mobility", Berne

The car is more than just a means of transport. Under this motto Dr. Anna Roschewitz (novatlantis) and Dr. Astrid Björnsen (Energieforschung WSL) discuss the role and possibilities of sector coupling - using the example of e-car sharing - on the way to a sustainable mobility and energy system. Minutes More (DE)

Pressures from emerging renewable energy markets on protected forests: focus fuel wood

2 September 2019, 11:00-12:30 Room C, Lviv, Ukraine on occasion of the Conference "Temperate and boreal primeval forests in the face of global change"

The goal of this conference is to bring together the global community of scientists working on the ecology and dynamics of temperate and boreal primeval forests, and their interactions with local people. One of the Sessions targets at “Pressures from emerging renewable energy markets on protected and primeval forests” with a focus on fuel wood. Conference Program

Workshop 3.1 E: Renewable Energy - Impacts on mountain environments and people

8-12 September 2019, International Mountain Conference, Innsbruck, Austria

Mountain systems are well positioned to contribute significantly to the energy transition. Since more than a century, mountains have provided flexible, low-carbon hydropower and energy storage. With the increasing need to decarbonize the world’s economies, mountains - having above-average potentials for wind and solar power - are shifting into the focus of energy providers.  This workshop starts with pitches on (i) the current state of research on the potential of renewable energy in mountain regions (“What is possible?”). Participants will then discuss (ii) benefits as well as anticipated risks and environmental impacts of expanding mountains’ role as “power stations” (“What are likely consequences?”). Finally, perspectives will be collected on (iii) the desired energy futures of mountain regions (“What is our vision?”). Agenda More

Knowledge and Technology Transfer in large Energy Research Programs

24 September 2019, Empa Dübendorf, NEST-Unit "Meet2Create", Room Hybrid

This meeting addresses KTT officers in the field of energy research in Switzerland. The 12th meeting informs about ReMaP (Renewable Management and Real-Time Control Platform), the NEST building and the WaterHub. In the afternoon, joint activities will be discussed and further elaborated (Towards Implementation of Energy Research; Energizing TEDxZurich; Information & Coordination). Agenda


Forum für Wissen: Renewable Switzerland

21 November 2019, WSL Birmensdorf

Should we promote the use energy wood for the sake of the energy transition? Or is the better exploitation of manure for bioenergy the key? Does the hydropower potential melt away with the disappearance of glaciers? How does the Swiss energy transition impact our landscape?

This Forum presents the current state of knowledge on the anticipated impacts of the energy transition. With a system view on the resources available today and in future, the event will provide a platform to jointly reflect on the consequences of new technologies, infrastructure and management options. Knowing the likely negative impacts can help us to prevent or mitigate them from the start. More