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SwissForestLab is a research platform and infrastructural network. By making intensive use of synergies from the expertise in forest research in Switzerland we promote cooperative research in order to obtain an in-depth understanding of ecosystem functioning, resistance and resilience of forests.


In Switzerland, scientists with an excellent expertise in the field of forest research are working in various institutions and in different disciplines. In addition, there is a wide range of infrastructure and approaches established by Swiss research institutions and Universities:

  • Field sites (networks, monitoring and experiments)

  • Installations like cranes and measurement towers etc.

  • Data from field and laboratory analyses and monitoring

  • Specific laboratories and methods

  • Various experimental and modelling approaches

The idea of the SwissForestLab is to bring together these elements within a network. This network allows for synergies and new insights and findings in science as well as a better visibility of existing expertise and infrastructure and the possibility to find new cooperation partners. New and innovative interdisciplinary experiments and projects can be established within this network and finally the visibility of Swiss forest research worldwide will be increased.


Who we are

SwissForestLab, initiated by WSL, started with a group of idea drivers from different Swiss institutions (ETH, Universities of Zurich, Bern, Basel and WSL). This “starting group” is comprised of researchers working together in the initial SwissForestLab phase to set up all necessary steps for the establishment of the network.

With the official start of SwissForestLab in September 2017 the platform is now open for all researchers working in the field of forest ecosystem research in Switzerland and contributing with infrastructure (data, field sites, models etc.) to the network to be a member of SwissForestLab.

With this growing group of members we create a dynamic scientific environment with additional strong focus on outreach and applied research. In addition to members, the SwissForestLab is also open to partners like international cooperation affiliates within joint research projects or members of federal agencies, companies or foundations.

WSL funds and hosts the research coordination of SwissForestLab.