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Research Unit Colloquia

  • Long colloquia last approx. 1h (45'+15')
  • Medium-length colloquia last approx. 50' (35'+15')
  • Short colloquia last approx. 35' (25'+10')

Depending on the interests of the participants, the invitation will only be distributed internally or widely.


List of all RU-Colloquia

Datum 2022Zeit, OrtDauerTitelAutor
31.01.202213:00, Zoom25'Hydrological predictions in an era of change: chances and challengesDr. Elham Rouholahnejad Freund, ETHZ D-USYS
15.02.202213:00, Zoom25'Carbon isotope discrimination in developing leaves:  implications for inferring intercellular CO2 concentrationDr. Lucas Cernusak, James Cook University, Australia
15.03.202213:00, Zoom25'Remote sensing of intra-annual tree growth dynamicsDr. Jan Eitel, WSL-Fellow, RG Ecophysiology
12.04.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'Unraveling soil organic matter dynamics in a long-term irrigated dry pine forestDr. Claudia Guidi, PostDoc, RG Biogeochemistry
17.05.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'Digitalization in forest monitoring and observationProf. Dr. Arthur Gessler, RG Ecosystem Ecology
07.06.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'Carbon, nutrient and water relationships between mistletoes and its host treesAo Wang, RG Ecophysiology
12.07.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'  
05.09.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'  
04.10.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'  
08.11.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'  
12.12.202213:00, Engler-Saal and Zoom25'