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The members of the lab conduct research in Statistics & its applications in the Environmental Sciences. The current fields of activity are: sampling theory, small area estimation, nonparametric curve estimation and modeling & analysis of spatial and temporal data. Main application areas are statistical issues in forestry, forest inventory, forest econometrics, ecology, large scale monitoring  and climate change research.

For students: If you would like to start a Master's thesis, please get in touch with us to discuss possible topics.

Conference Announcement:

Session "On Structural Changes" - Joint Statistical Meetings, Aug 1 - Aug 6, 2020, Philadelphia, PA


Rita Ghosh

Dirk Karger (Project: DeforScen)

Adrian Lanz

Alexander Francis Massey (visiting scientist)

Gabrielle Moser (visiting scientist)

Minna Riitta Pulkkinen


Statistics Lab Seminars

Informal presentations (min. 1 hour) on statistical methods & their applications, with focus on fundamentals & technical issues.

If you'd like to attend one of these sessions, let Minna know, and she will send you the necessary information. 


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