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Land Change Science

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Head: PD Dr. Matthias Bürgi       

The unit studies patterns and processes at the landscape level caused by ecological and anthropogenic drivers. Ecological and biophysical processes, human activities and the interactions between them are analyzed over short to long time scales. The spatial scales we study range from plots, to small watersheds, larger landscapes, continents and hemispheres, to the globe. Both the analyses and the scaling of patterns and processes along temporal and spatial dimensions represent an integral field of research of the unit.

Partners and stakeholders of this Unit include researchers within WSL and in the international scientific community, land users and public administrations.



Energy and landscape

The Federal Government's Energy Strategy 2050 envisages the phasing-out of nuclear power and increased use of renewable energies. We identify possible...

Urban Development: Making Economical Use of the Land

The configuration and spread of villages and cities affect biodiversity and people's quality of life. We analyse settlement development and its...

Landscape Ecology

Species and ecosystems are influenced by spatial patterns. We study the interactions and influence of landscape change.

Land Use

Land use affects ecosystems and their services. We study how land use changes and develop scenarios for the future.

Landscape Development and Monitoring

We use monitoring programmes to document and quantify how our landscapes change.

Species diversity

We research the diversity of plants and animals, especially in the forests and mountains, and examine the factors that affect species composition.