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Dynamic Macroecology

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Head: Dr. Heike Lischke

The dynamic macroecology group studies different aspects of ecology on large spatial and temporal scales, from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene, related to the question

“How do species and their traits change in space and time, particularly with global change?

We explore

  • the current and past distributions of species or functional groups and their traits and niches
  • the effect of climate and other factors on biodiversity
  • the spatio-temporal dynamics of plant (particularly tree) species and their ranges interacting with the environment, ecophysiology, population dynamics, species migration and climate and land-use change
  • the evolution in time and geographical space of species niches and traits and biological communities and assemblages

Main methods we develop and work with

  • climate (change) data scaling and provision
  • dynamic ecological models
  • model scaling
  • statistical methods in ecology, e.g., species distribution models,  phylogenetic comparative methods, trait analyses