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Dr. Simon Egli



visiting scientist


Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi PL C 41



1991   Federal Certificate as mushroom controller (VAPKO)
1986-1989   Ph.D. Degree in Forest Mycology, ETH Zurich

Title: Cortinarius odorifer Britz.: Ecology, Biology, and Ectomycorrhiza. (Examination committee: Prof. Dr. E. Müller, Prof. Dr. H. Sticher, Dr. E. Horak)

1975-1980   Masters Degree in Forest Sciences, ETH Zurich

Practice in Switzerland and Finland


2008-2017   Head of the research group Mycorrhiza, WSL
2005-2008   Head of the research group Functional Diversity in Forests, WSL
1998-2005   Head of the research team Fungi and Mycorrhizas, WSL
1981-1998   Head of the research group Mycorrhiza, WSL

Research Focus

  • Functional diversity of mycorrhizal fungi in respect of their role for the resistance and the resilience of forest ecosystems in a changing environment.
  • Influence of forest management and climate change on the community structure of mycorrhizal fungi and on the productivity of forest mushrooms.
  • Sustainable use of edible forest mushrooms, in particular truffles, as a non-wood forest product.