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Dr. Mariana Melnykovych




Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HV E 04


Mariana is a PostDoc researcher at the Economics and Social Sciences Research Unit of at the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research (WSL). She currently works on the project “Managing multifunctional communal forests in Switzerland: Challenges and opportunities in a changing world”. She is Swiss Government Excellence Scholarship holder. Mariana completed her PhD in Economics of natural resource use and environmental protection at the National Forestry University, UA and the James Hutton Institute, UK.  She closely collaborates with the International Union of Forest Research Organizations (IUFRO) and European Forest Institute and is IUFRO Office holder and a Deputy Coordinator of theSocial Innovation and Entrepreneurship IUFRO Unit.



Research interests

Mariana’s primary interest is in scientific research in the fields of natural resource (forest) economics and ecological economics, multifunctional forestry and sustainable management and use of natural assets, land use and landscape changes, (forest) policy and management, institutions, governance, attitudes and behaviours, participatory research, social security and communities’ well-being, stakeholder evaluation and engagement, sustainable development, and rural and regional developments in mountain regions, particularly taking into account multiple ecosystem goods and services.



Latest Peer-Reviewed Scientific Publications

  • Nijnik, M., Secco, L., Miller, D., Melnykovych, M. 2019. Can social innovation make a difference to forestdependent communities? Forest Policy and Economics, 100, 207-213,
  • Sarkki, S.; Parpan, T.; Melnykovych, M.; Zahvoyska, L.; Voloshyna, N.; Derbal, J.; Nijnik, M. 2019. Beyond participation! Social-ecological innovations facilitating movement from technocratic state to collaborative landscape governance in Ukraine. Landscape Ecology.
  • Soloviy I, Melnykovych M, Björnsen Gurung A, Hewitt R, Ustych R, Maksymiv L, Brang P, Meessen H, Kaflyk M. 2019. Innovative green energy benefits rural communities: Ukrainian Carpathians as a case study.  Forest Policy and Economics, 104, 160-169,
  • Melnykovych, M., Nijnik M, Soloviy I, Nijnik A, Sarkki S, Bihun Y. 2018. Social-ecological innovation in remote mountain areas: Adaptive responses of forest-dependent communities to the challenges of a changing world. Science of the Total Environment (IF = 4.9)
  • Sarkki, S., A. Ficko, D. Miller, C. Barlagne, M. Melnykovych, M. Jokinen, I. Soloviy, M. Nijnik. 2019. Human values as catalysts and consequences of social innovations. Forest Policy and Economics. 104: 33-44.
  • Vacik H.; Wiersum F.; Mutke S.; Kurttila M.; Sheppard J.; Wong J.; de Miguel S.; Nijnik M.; Spiecker H.;  Miina J.; Huber P.; Melnykovych M.; Tsioras P.; Abraham E.; Enescu M.; Kyriazopoulos A. 2017. Considering NWFP in multi-purpose forest management, Chapter 4 P xx xx in Vacik et al. (Eds.) European non-wood forest products  - in press
  • Soloviy, I. P., Nijnik, M., Deyneka, A. M.,  Melnykovych, M. 2017. Reimagining forest policy, institutions and instruments through concepts of ecosystem services and social innovations: Ukraine in the focus. Scientific Bulletin of UNFU, 27(8), 82–87.
  • Soloviy I., Melnykovych M. 2015. Conceptual frameworks for assessing communities’ wellbeing and quality of life in the context of sustainable development of mountainous forest areas. Scientific Papers of the Academy of Forestry Sciences of Ukraine. – Vol. 13. Pp.: 201-209 (in Ukrainian) 
  • Melnykovych M., Soloviy I. 2014. Contribution of forestry to the wellbeing of mountain forest dependent communities’ in the Ukrainian Carpathians. Scientific Papers of the Academy of Forestry Sciences. – Vol. 12. Pp.: 233-241 


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