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Dr. Flurina Wartmann



scientific staff member


Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Zürcherstrasse 111
8903 Birmensdorf


Birmensdorf Bi HV F 05


Flurina Wartmann currently works as a PostDoc in the Social Sciences in Landscape Research group at WSL. Her research for the project on the Swiss Landscape Monitoring Programme (LABES) deals with the conceptual evaluation of the monitoring programme and further development of the social science indicators. In general, her research includes the use of social media data, public surveys and GIS analysis for assessing cultural landscape values. Recently, Flurina has also worked on interdisciplinary approaches for mapping tranquillity, and in how we can extract landscape descriptions through ethnographic methods and digital data sources.


Research interests

  • Use of social media data, ethnographic methods and GIS for assessing cultural landscape values
  • Social indicators for landscape monitoring
  • Cultural ecosystem services
  • People-place relations
  • Landscape descriptions and landscape terminology

Latest Publications

  • Wartmann, F. M., Tieskens, K. F., van Zanten, B. T., & Verburg, P. H. (2019). Exploring tranquillity experienced in landscapes based on social media. Applied Geography, 113, 102112.
  • Wartmann, F. M., Mackaness, W. A., Bauer, N., Bolliger, J., & Kienast, F. (2019). Towards an interdisciplinary understanding of landscape qualities: wilderness, tranquillity and dark skies. In L. Müller & F. Eulenstein (Eds.), Current Trends in Landscape Research. Innovations in Landscape Series. (pp. 209–220). Cham: Springer International Publishing.
  • Baer, M. F., Wartmann, F. M., & Purves, R. S. (2019). StarBorn: Towards making in‐situ land cover data generation fun with a location‐based game. Transactions in GIS, 23(5), 1008–1028.
  • Côte, M., Wartmann, F., & Purves, R. (2018). The trouble with forest: definitions, values and boundaries. Geographica Helvetica, 73(2), 253–260.
  • Wartmann, F. M., & Purves, R. S. (2018): Investigating sense of place as a cultural ecosystem service in different landscapes through the lens of language. Landscape and Urban Planning, 175, 169–183.
  • Wartmann, F. M., Acheson, E., & Purves, R. S. (2018): Describing and comparing landscapes using tags, texts, and free lists: an interdisciplinary approach. International Journal of Geographical Information Science, 1–21.
  • Wartmann, F.M., Purves, R.S. (2017): What’s (not) on the map: landscape features from participatory sketch mapping differ from local categories used in language. In: Special Issue Understanding Our Planetary Home: New Directions in Land Use/Land Cover (LULC) Analysis), Comber, A. (ed.); Land 6(4), 79.
  • Wartmann, F.M., Purves, R.S. (2017): 'This is not the jungle, this is my barbecho': ethnoecological landscape categories in the Bolivian Amazon. Landscape Research 43(1): 77-94.