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Swiss Forest Protection (WSS)

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Competence center on Forest Protection


...informs the Swiss forest services,  the forest owners
and the interested public about current incidents concerning the forest protection.

...surveys together with the forests services of the cantons the frequency and degree of  disturbances in the forest  by abiotic incidents and organisms (insects, fungi, game) concerning the forest protection.

...gets involved with further education of forest services,  students of universities and technical colleges in the domain of forest protection, healthiness of trees using courses and lectures.

...consults the Swiss forest services, forest owners, departments and interested people with questions about forest protection.

...cultivates the information exchange with internal and external colleagues.



Asian longhorn beetle

He came from Asia in a container over the Rhine from Rotterdam: More information on the Asian longhorn beetle.

Ash dieback

A conspicuous dieback of young in ash has began a few years ago. By now, 90 percent of all ash trees in Switzerland are affected.

Pine diseases

All pine species are affected, mostly in urban green spaces. Examples are the red band needle blight (Dothistroma septosporum and D. pini)