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New professorship for investigating the evolution of biodiversity

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Ecologist Loïc Pellissier, currently Tenure Track Assistant Professor at ETH Zurich and the Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL, is appointed Associate Professor of Ecosystems and Landscape Evolution in the Department of Environmental Systems Science at ETH Zurich. Congratulations!


Professor Loïc Pellissier (*1984) is interested in the biological processes that generate biodiversity within landscapes following climate or habitat dynamics. He uses this knowledge to anticipate the response of biodiversity to anthropogenic changes in order to better preserve ecosystems and their services.

His publication record is impressive, and his work is widely echoed around the world. Moreover, Loïc Pellissier is a major participant in the scientific community, notably through his participation in major international projects and by sitting on several commissions in favor of biodiversity and knowledge of living organisms. This eminent expert in biodiversity is the ideal person to strengthen the links between the ETH Zurich and the WSL.

Original press release of the ETH Board