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AlpFUTUR - The future of summer pastures in Switzerland



The joint research program AlpFUTUR aimed at identifying prospects regarding the use of the Swiss alpine pasturing area in the short and medium term (10 to 40 years):

  1. Evaluation of the need for political action
  2. Analysis of the profitability of alpine summer farming, and propositions to improve it
  3. Appraisal of the future demand for alpine pastures and summer farms
  4. Natural and cultural landscape services of the alpine pasturing area in the future


The results and additional informations as well as numerous products are available through the website

For the public the results are composed in a synthesis band (ebook/pdf)

Project Coordination

The joint research program is coordinated by the Research Institute Agroscope and the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL.

  • WSL: Irmi Seidl, Stefan Lauber (formerly WSL), Rosa Böni (formerly WSL)
  • Agroscope: Felix Herzog