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Caldera - SNF Sinergia Project


Effects of large volcanic eruptions on climate and societies: understand the impacts of past events and related subsidence crises to evaluate potential risks in the future


Caldera is a SNF funded Sinergia project lead by Prof. Markus Stoffel (Institute of Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva) with WSL as Institutional project co-PI. The project aims at documenting and reconstructing the spatio-temporal impacts of past major eruptions on climate and society in unprecedented detail using proxy records and climate models. The WSL - thanks also to the collaboration of the Dr. Rashit Khantemirov from the Institute of Plant and Animal Ecology in Yekaterinburg (Russia) - has the main task of providing detailed cell anatomical measurements over the last 7000 years using wood material from Yamal, in northern Russia. The results of this study will provide the basis for the identification and assessment of major past eruptions on climate and societies.

Project co-PI:

  • Markus Stoffel, Institute for Environmental Sciences, University of Geneva, Switzerland (project PI)
  • Myriam Khodri, Institute Pierre Simon Laplace, Paris, France
  • Salvatore Di Falco, Institute of Economics and Econometrics, University of Geneva, Switzerland

Other partners

  • Francis M. Ludlow (Trinity College of Dublin)
  • Deepak K. Ray (U. Minnesota)
  • Michael J. Puma (Columbia U.)