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ClimEx - Climate Modelling of Extreme Events


limatic extremes such as droughts, heat waves, and late frost events, are predicted to increase with ongoing climate change and are therefore of primary concern for environmental research. A precise knowledge of their occurrence and magnitude is necessary to foster research and climate change mitigation. Many workgroups within the WSL depend on climatic information at high spatial and temporal resolution on a global scale, but standardized data at this extent are still missing. We will develop such data on extreme climatic events on a global scale from 1950-2100. Such data would for example allow to assess the infuence of past extreme climatic events on the remaining environment, and allows predicting them into the future. The project is cross disciplinary among two WSL Research Units and may allow a range of applications throughout the WSL. This data of climate extremes, will also have the potential to draw extremely high attention by the international science community.